A Palate Cleanser

These days it’s all tipping, all the time up in here. It’s a subject I’m grateful to have the chance to write about, and I’m even more grateful there’s so much interest in it. But I reckon it’s good to remember food, and each other, too.

I thought I should link to something from The Linkery blog archives to break the gratuitous gratuity spell. Here’s a post from 2008 that I try to re-read every now and then, to remind me why I chose to work in local food. The core thought:

Beyond mere excellence lies meaning. By consistently engaging a single foodshed or small group of foodsheds — presumably one(s) near where we live — over time, we can start to understand the land we live on and the people we live with, and develop meaningful connections with both. It’s the idea of understanding, sharing and belonging…the idea of home.

You can read the whole post here. It’s long, like most of what I write for fun.

As a postscript to the piece, we ended up buying and serving some Wooly Pigs pork from Mr. Putnam, and it was amazing.

We’ll return to the tipping programming shortly.