As my virtual friend the Cod says: Anchower, I know.

I had visions of using all my free time to write — and I do have a bunch of content in my brain wanting to get out — but it seems like I’ve always got a bunch of things to do instead.

What am I so busy doing? A few things. I’m helping some friendly neighborhood folks with their marketing and communication; looking for the right spot to open the next restaurant (this is proving to be quite an effort); enjoying the great food & drink in the Bay Area; and cooking a lot. Once we settle on a location I imagine we’ll have some specifics to write about that, too.

Another thing I’m doing these days is working with a college athletic department to develop a system that provides instant access to meaningful analytics for tactical and strategic use by their coaching and technical staff. A lot of what we do is track and record every action that a player makes on the pitch, and then combine the data and see what meaningful relationships reveal themselves.

As a result, I now think this way about everything. For instance, here’s the breakdown of my Instagram photos since the Linkery closed, in terms of how many photos feature:

sausages: 3
cured meats: 2
beer: 4
wine: 6
wineries: 12
street food stands: 4
sporting venues: 5
former Linkery coworkers: 5
big furry spiders: 1

Yep, that tells the story pretty well. Anyway, that’s what I’ve been up to and why I haven’t been keeping you all informed like I said I would.

Actual real posts coming soon, maybe.

Hi, Mom.