Poco a Poco


It hasn’t come all at once, but The Half Orange is, in fact, coming along. We got our beer & wine license about two weeks ago and have a nice list of local draft beers I’m really stoked to serve. We’re open on Saturdays as well now too. And best of all, we’re starting to really get to know our regulars, including folks who work in downtown Fruitvale and many people who live nearby as well.

I’m very grateful to be back in the business of running a neighborhood restaurant that serves great local beer and food made with good ingredients. I confess, I just love doing it for a living. I’m particularly glad to be serving these products in Fruitvale, the community I call home, and a place which is widely, inspiringly, diverse in just about every dimension. I know it’s often thought that our kind of food and drink is suited only for a very narrow demographic of the bourgeoisie, but I don’t see it that way. In fact, I see The Half Orange as an opportunity to show that well-sourced food and drink appeals to all sorts of people. I think that’s the case, anyway.

In any event, we’re having a great time, and hope you can join us.