Oakland Restaurant Week at The Half Orange – $20 Three Course Meal

Our new dessert, Nutella-stuffed grilled sweet bun, that we put together just for Restaurant Week

Thursday marks the beginning of our first Oakland Restaurant Week (it runs January 15 through the 25th). We’re excited to roll out our menu at The Half Orange — it’ll be $20, and we hope you come try it.

Each restaurant week order includes a house made iced tea or house made lemonade, or substitute any of our draft beers for $2.98.

1st course, choose one

Harvest Pancake
Plancha Buns (sausage or shiitake mushroom)
Winter Salad
Corn Dog Tots

2nd course, choose one

Grassfed beef burger & fries
Sausage Sandwich & chicken chicharrones
Portobello Burger & fries
Shrimp Fenix (Ensenada-style shrimp tacos)
Curried Vegetable Wrap & macaroni salad


Nutella-stuffed grilled sweet bun

We’re open from 11:00am to 9:30pm every day but Sunday. We hope to see you soon!

Gobernador Torpedo!


If you haven’t taco’d around the border or the far north of Mexico, you may not be familiar with tacos gobernador, a shrimp taco with some combination of bell peppers, celery, onions, tomato, and sometimes cheese. It would be a shame if you haven’t had one yet, because they are delicious.

An awesome feature of tacos gobernador is that their actual composition still in a bit of state of flux — the world has not quite settled yet on what ingredients should go in the dish. Every taquero makes their gobernador a little bit different. This is how the California Burrito was during its infancy in the 90’s — if you ordered one, maybe it would have french fries in it, maybe it would have tater tots.

With that freedom of creation in mind, we’re introducing at the Half Orange our own gobernador — specifically, a gobernador torpedo sandwich (picture above). Our Gobernador Torpedo features grilled shrimp, green and red peppers, grilled onions, tomato, jalapeños, a touch of celery (it’s awesome — trust me), and oodles of melty cheese, all on a succulent hoagie roll from Starter Bakery.

This replaces the shrimp roll that was on our menu, ’cause this is better. Come try it, starting tomorrow (Wednesday).

Selection Massale Wine Event, Saturday, Jan 10

A few everyday by-the-glass wines from Selection Massale at The Half Orange

If you follow the world of natural wines, you may well have heard of the very well-regarded Selection Massale, a wine importer based here in the East Bay. If you don’t follow the world of natural wines, you may be wondering, what the hell are “natural wines”?

Either way, we’ve got an event this coming Saturday at The Half Orange which promises to be delicious and enlightening!

Cory Cartwright, the co-owner of Selection Massale who lives here in East Oakland, will be on hand from 4pm to 8pm, pouring a selection of four of their wines:

Les Capriades “Pet-Sec” Petillant Naturel NVPetillant Naturel aka “Pet Nat” wines are sparkling wine that are naturally carbonated in a manner more akin to bottle-conditioned beer than Champagne — here’s a brief article on the style in the Village Voice.

Les Dolomies Jura “En Novelin” Chardonnay 2012

Les Loges de la Folie “Velvet” (Gamay-Malbec) 2011

Bruno Debize “L’Homme a la Veste” Beaujolais 2013

One of the great things about these wines is that they are not particularly expensive. A flight of all 4 wines will be $10 on Saturday, and they will also be available each by the glass.

Here’s a little more about Selection Massale, from their website:

Selection Massale sells wines we truly believe in. We do not sell wines based on points, scores, blog hype or anything else besides what Guilhaume and Cory like. We sell wines that we drink from producers we stand behind and nothing else. These are wines made from smaller independent winemakers, many of whom haven’t been represented in the states before. These are wines that go with food, lighter wines made for drinking, not showing off. We will work to sell you these wines at the best possible price we can. These are things we can promise you.

See you at The Half Orange on Saturday from 4pm to 8pm, with Cory and a bunch of great wines!