Pet Nat Party


If you’re interested in wine at all, you may have heard of the recent surge in interest and popularity of “Pet Nat” — pétillant natural wine, naturally carbonated in the bottle, similar to bottle-conditioned beers.

Personally, I love these wines, and I *really* love that my friends are involved in making it and importing it.

This Saturday, we’re going to be showcasing 3 Pet Nat wines that our friends have either produce or procured, with all three being available by the glass for just $8/glass all day and night.

We’ll be pouring:

Los Pilares “BLACK PET NAT” (San Diego) 2014 – sparkling red wine made from Cabernet Sauvignon, the latest release from our low-intervention winemaker friends from San Diego. We put together the “San Diego Special” La Posta #8 carne asada concoction as the pairing for this wine, I guarantee that it is the perfect match.

Los Pilares “LA DONA” (San Diego) 2014 – sparkling white wine made from Muscat grapes. Last year’s inaugural vintage of this wine was a favorite at my local wine shop, and made Jon Bonné’s best 100 west coast wines list as well.

Les Capriades “PET-SEC” (Loire, France) sparkling white wine made from Chenin Blanc and Cabernet Franc. This is one of the French wines that got everyone excited about Pet Nat to begin with, and it was chosen and imported by our friend Cory Cartwright at Selection Massale.

Together, these three wines give a broad and delicious taste of some of the joys of Pet Nat. We hope you can come on Saturday and enjoy them. We’ll be pouring them by the glass ($8 each) from 11:30am until we close at 9:00pm. Salud!

PS Here’s that food pairing…


San Diego Taco Shop Special


It often seems like San Diego’s biggest export these days is expats, and I think the one thing we all agree on is that we wish we could get some “x-Berto’s”-style taco shop cuisine. With the occasion of having two San Diego-related events on back-to-back weekends, I thought I’d see what we could do at The Half Orange to slake that thirst.

So, let me introduce the “La Posta No. 8″, a tribute to the most unique menu item from the 24-hour Hillcrest taco shop of the same name. This is grass-fed carne asada, with avocado, pico de gallo, and San Diego style hot sauce, wrapped in a double-tortilla quesadilla. It’s a lot of food, and delicious.

This will be available starting Friday, February 13th, when we’re hosting fellow SD expat Barry Braden and his new Berkeley brewery Fieldwork Brewing. On that day, in addition to Fieldwork’s IPA and Stout, we’ll be featuring Sculpin IPA from Ballast Point to make it a complete San Diego flashback experience.

We’ll be offering the La Posta No. 8 through Saturday, February 21, when we’ll be hosting another San Diego-themed event, celebrating the release of “Black Pet Nat” from our natural winemaking friends in San Diego, Los Pilares. This wine is a bottle-conditioned sparkler made from Cabernet Sauvignon, and we expect it will pair beautifully with this carne asada concoction. On the 21st we’ll also be pouring Los Pilares’ muscat pet nat, and the french pet nat Les Capriades “Pet Sec”.

I hope you’ll come enjoy these events, and this little bit of Bertosness in your life.

San Francisco Beer Week at The Half Orange, February 6 to 15!


We’ve done a few beer weeks before; heck, we even started a beer week once in a night of questionable judgement. But, this year, we get to participate in the grandaddy of west coast Beer Weeks, San Francisco Beer Week.

Here’s what we’ve got lined up at The Half Orange:

Monday, February 9: Explore the Bay Area through beer, with a 100% local version of our Monday beer special. Eight taps, all from local craft breweries, each for $2.98 + tax.

Wednesday, February 11: Meet The Brewer with Fort Point Beer Company. Brewer Mike Schnebeck in the house while we pour their St. Francis 12 (Belgian Quad collaboration with De Struise), Westfalia, Villager IPA and KSA (Kolsch).

Friday, February 13: Fieldwork Brewing Debut! Our former colleague from the good ol’ days in San Diego, Barry Braden, also moved to the East Bay and he started a Berkeley brewery, which will be releasing its first beer to the Bay Area today. Around noon we’ll be tapping the first of their beers, and Barry will be in house. We’ll also have a few of our San Diego favorites on draft to celebrate the good times. Details of this event are still in flux, keep checking back.

Saturday, February 14: Party at Ale Industries. We’ll be open at the Half Orange our usual hours (11:30am to 9pm), but we’ll also be at Ale Industries for a very special Beer Week versions of their Second Saturday party, with music, art, and Ale Industries beer. Join us at both places!

We hope to see you at one or all of these events, and we hope you really enjoy SF Beer Week. We will!