Cask Conditioned Beer at The Half Orange, this Sunday



On Sunday we bringing something new to The Half Orange — cask-conditioned beer. This is one of my favorite beverages ever and it’s not all that widely available in the East Bay so we want to share it with you.

Cask-conditioned beer, also known as “real ale”, is beer that is carbonated naturally, through a secondary fermentation in the cask from which it’s served. (To contrast, most bottled beer and all draft beer is carbonated by injecting carbon dioxide into the beer.) This is how all beer was made prior to the Inudstrial Age, and cask-conditioned beer has a distinctive flavor and texture that makes it a very special treat.

We hope to feature casks from our friends every now and then, and the first one is this Sunday, when we’ll have a cask of Magnolia Brewing’s Proving Ground1919 IPA. We’ll tap it at noon, and it will be served until it sells out. Get there early, you won’t want to miss it.

I hope I see you on Sunday, as well as every other day. We love you, have a great day!

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