Chickening Out, By Popular Demand


Surely you’ve heard by now that Gertrude Stein’s famous quote about Oakland, “there is no there, there”, is widely misinterpreted. She wasn’t talking about some lack of core or culture in Oakland. She was just grousing that The Half Orange didn’t offer a fried chicken sandwich.

Well, we’ve finally fixed that oversight and have added to our menu this most essential Oakland dish. There is a bit of a twist in that ours is fried in a light, golden batter rather than the breaded style that is most often seen in these parts. Hey, Oakland thrives on diversity, right?

The sandwich comprises Mary’s chicken, batter-fried, with cabbage-kale slaw and jalapeño aioli, on a Starter Bakery bun for $9.95. It goes perfectly which pretty much any beer or cider on the menu, and I also love it with white wine. The sandwich is also available in a lunch combo Monday-Friday 11am-3pm.

See you here!

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