Craft Beer From Ensenada


This beautiful beer is the Mako Pale Ale, brewed by our friend Nathaniel Schmidt at Agua Mala brewery in Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico. Agua Mala made a bit of a splash (heh) internationally last year when they medaled at World Beer Cup, but they’ve been brewing great beer in Mexican wine country for a while before that. Their compact brewery sits on the bluffs above the Pacific, in the El Sauzal neighborhood of Ensenada. I can’t think of a brewery I’ve ever seen that gets as much ocean air as Agua Mala, maybe that’s the key to their success.

We’re stoked to be able to share this beer with you — it’s the first time any Agua Mala beer has been in Northern California. The Mako is a light session ale, with a both a delightful grain character appropriate for a 4.2% pale, and a bit of the contemporary West Coast aromatics from New Zealand hops. It’s a beer for people who like the palette of San Diego IPAs but want to be able to drink 2 or 3 during a backyard barbecue and still be able to walk a straight line.

Mako will be on tap through the weekend, or until whenever it sells out. Come by and try it, it’s a very appropriate match for our Shrimp Fenix dish, which originates about a mile away from the Agua Mala brewery.

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