Fall Down Brown – Special Beer Night with Ale Industries, Wed, Nov 5

Not all pumpkin beers are created equal. Some taste like pumpkin pie…and others taste like smoke.

We’re pleased to announce that on Wednesday, November 5, we’ll be hosting a party at The Half Orange featuring only keg to be released this year of Fall Down Brown, the smoked pumpkin beer made by our awesome neighbors Ale Industries. Steve from AI says: “it’s an Imperial brown ale that we add 200 lbs of smoked pumpkin and some cinnamon and nutmeg to the boil kettle. Instead of a pumpkin pie flavor this drinks more like a German Rauch beer.” Naturally, we’ve got some smoky pairings in mind for this night, as well.

You’ll find bottles of Fall Down Brown in select stores this year, but if you’d like to try it on draft, well, we’ll see you here for a great kickoff to November!

PS If you haven’t been to Ale Industries’ tasting room yet, treat yourself to a visit. They’re on East 10th, a few buildings down from Restaurant Guadalajara, and their tasting room is open Friday 3-10, Saturday 12-10, and Sunday 12 until close.

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