Fruitvale 1878


We were at Alameda Flea yesterday searching for the perfect host stand (which we found, thank you very much vendor at stall Q21) and we stumbled up this map of downtown Fruitvale from 1878. Right in the center (block 111 of the Levy Tract, in the green polygon) is the current location of The Half Orange, our restaurant which opens tomorrow, 136 years after this map was drawn up.

Fruitvale’s a bit different now: The Oakland, Fruit Vale & Mills Seminary Railroad is long gone, but we do have BART and we’re getting a Bus Rapid Transit line, too. We also have one of the strongest concentrations of delicious restaurants of any community in the Bay Area, which sets a high standard for The Half Orange as we do our thing. We hope to contribute something personal and authentic.

We’ll have the map framed and on the wall somewhere, too, if you’d like to check it out.

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