Pigs For Sale

In the process of closing the Linkery, I forgot that our Central Coast pig farmer Jim Neville had three pigs for us, almost ready for market. I’d like to help him find a buyer; so consider this a bat-signal to all you California farm-to-table folks out there.

These are 100% Berkshire pigs, and excellent quality pork — it was from Jim’s pigs that we made the country ham that won a 2013 Good Food Award for Charcuterie.

Jim writes that the pigs:

…will be ready for harvest within the next month or two. I raised them outside on a ½ acre pasture, that I planted with beets and carrots in the fall. Once they figured out that they could root the vegetables, they went for it for 2 to 3 weeks. The average weight for a full carcass is usually around 215lbs… Let me know your interest and I can make arrangements to deliver.

You can see photos of Jim’s ranch on the old Linkery blog here, and photos of the loins and bellies here.

If you’re interested in buying these pigs, please email me at jay (at) jayporter (dot) com and I’ll connect you.

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