The Half Orange Turns Two (Saturday, July 30)


A little over three years ago, my business partners Michael and Max and I decided to close our San Diego restaurant The Linkery, which was over eight years old at the time. It was a hard reality to come to terms with, but at the same time it was obvious that if each of us were going to achieve our personal goals, we’d have to start over in contexts that were more favorable.

That decision cast Katie and I full-time into the Bay Area, and into a crazy and exhausting series of living arrangements, jobs, projects, and discoveries as we went about building a life here. Often it still feels like we could sleep for a month and not get fully rested.

Somehow, in the middle of all that, we found ourselves recipients of a few very special gifts: a place to call home, a neighborhood we love, a wellspring of wonderful friends, and the opportunity to operate a casual restaurant in the middle of it all. We could not be more grateful.

This Saturday, July 30, we’re celebrating the 2nd anniversary of that restaurant, The Half Orange. Some unique treats on offer will include:

* A brand-new beer from Ale Industries brewed just for the occasion — a 6.2% patio pounder made in the style category of their own creation, “Glam Beer.” (When Morgan asked what kind of beer we’d like them to brew for the anniversary, I cheekily said “session glam beer”. Morgan is always up to meet a challenge.) This beer is called “Wham Glam Thank You Fam” and we’ll be pouring it all day (or until it runs out). It will pair excellently with…

* oak-smoked grass-fed tri-tip sandwiches on griddled rolls, and served with bacon-fat-cooked white beans. We’ll have a lot of this so it should be available all day and night.

* Late Summer Sumac Ale, a 12-month barrel-aged sour from our longtime friends at Craftsman Brewing in Pasadena. Our friend Sayre, who served as our personal one-man welcoming committee to Oakland, helped develop this beer, and the combination of our new friends and old seems like a perfect way to celebrate. Also, the beer is killer and not widely available, so, you know, come drink some.

* We’re going to bust out some turntables and records we haven’t played in a long time, and bask in the warmth of analog sound and the Fruitvale sun.

I hope you’ll join us, we’ll open at 11am and close at 10pm. Brunch and the regular menu served until 3pm, regular menu served after that.

We love you, have a great day!

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