This Is A Great Week To Support Independent Oakland Restaurants

You may already know that this week is the first week of Oakland businesses implementing Measure FF, which raises the minimum wage by 36% and, as a result, is raising wages throughout the entire restaurant industry in our city.

Most independent restaurant owners I know are, along with the 80+% of voters who approved the measure, really glad their employees will be now making more money. In many cases restaurant workers will finally be making a reasonable living wage, and that’s something that’s been too long in coming.

That said, I also want to acknowledge that most if not all restaurant operators are a little apprehensive of the possibility that the price rises required to implement this change may sharply reduce business and end up putting people and businesses out of work.

So, I just want to say, whether you support the minimum wage increase or just want to support locally owned businesses, this is a great week to show that support by patronizing independently-owned Oakland restaurants. Let’s face it, we’re all a little nervous about the uncertain future — and knowing you’re behind us means everything.

Thank you.

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