Ensenada and the Valle de Guadalupe, January 2018

Five years after moving to the Bay Area, we’re really starting to make progress in unpacking our boxes. We recently uncovered my beloved medium-format Yashica-Mat 124G camera, which I had put away for some reason, ten years ago, in the middle of a roll of film (more on that at the bottom of the post).

Anyway, I took it with me on a quick trip to Ensenada and the Valle de Guadalupe a couple weeks back, where I got a few snaps on a beautiful January morning. Click any photo to embiggen it — the medium format film can capture wonderful details, although these scans aren’t necessarily super hi-res.


A related note: when I found the camera in a storage bin in our garage, its film counter was on “4”. I shot the rest of the roll, curious to see what was on the roll already. It turned out to be shots from the roof of our place in Golden Hill, enhanced by the effects of 10 years of slow light leakage into the film and/or other deterioration. It’s a trippy effect, like a real-world Instagram filter gone wild.

In this shot you can make out downtown San Diego in the background, and I *think* that the Bayfront Hilton is under construction, but at full height, which would date the picture to 2007.

This is facing east toward Mount San Miguel, which I think is sporting a brushfire.

I can’t remember exactly why I took these photos, obviously the content was nothing special. I think I was experimenting with the battery — the original battery voltage had been discontinued and the replacement batteries’ slightly different voltage threw the light meter off, leading to underexposed photos. (Now I’m able to buy replacement batteries in the correct voltage, which solves the problem).

Here’s a shot, ten years later, on the same roll of film. It’s the last shot on the roll and showed the least effect from age — just the pink on the edges.