Gastro-Cantina 2010

I was looking for something the other day, and stumbled on this — a promotional menu for the opening of El Take It Easy, in 2010.

It gave me two simultaneous thoughts:

1) I love this menu. I would eat the hell out of this restaurant. I can recall the taste of every dish listed, they were really delicious too. Max was cooking some seriously great food, and this menu was just beautiful.

2) What the actual fuck were we thinking? I doubt that this weird-ass menu would sell in the most progressive food markets in the country, let alone in a city known for a conservative palate and cultural insularity. Seriously, Porter.

So, anyway, to all the folks who came to this restaurant, and the hundred or so loyal regulars we had, I can’t express our gratitude enough. You were truly exceptional.

Live and learn, I reckon.