Mexican Wine Country, 2015

It’s been a while now since I was living part-time in Ensenada, and for most of the last couple years I’ve barely had a chance to visit.  Fortunately I’ve recently had occasion to visit a couple times, and things are as great as ever.

Boules has moved into town, into the space behind La Contra wine store where Parque reataurant used to be.  Javi has re-worked the patio into a crazy-fun outdoor restaurant in the middle of the heart of downtown.


Ryan Stein has opened a restaurant at Adobe Guadalupe, called El Jardin.


Ryan’s roasted quail at El Jardin

Tiradito “Bufadora” at El Jardin


Lamb at El Jardin



Octopus at El Jardin



The Jurel (yellowtail) tiradito at Muelle 3 still is the freshest kind of awesome.


Drew Deckman’s octopus dish at Deckman’s en El Mogor



Yellowtail (if I remember correctly) collar at Deckman’s en El Mogor




The patio at Laja



Our great friend Andres Blanco, formerly of Laja, has moved on to managing the Cuatros Cuatros property, where you’ll find this bar overlooking Salsipuedes Bay.


The bar at Troika, a casual outdoor gastropub at Vena Cava winery (on the La Villa del Valle property)

Vena Cava winery at La Villa del Valle.

Of course, as usual I have no photos of  Manzanilla because of the late hour and my blood alcohol content.  So, you know, as great as always.